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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up to participate in this event. Also see below for a copy of the personal waiver indemnity that must be agreed upon before setting off on the day.

01 Conditions of Entry

All entrants to Lakelander Gravel Grinder, Bog Dog 100k, Mongrel 60k & Little Dog 50k, and in all classes, must confirm that they have read, understood and agreed to all our Terms and Conditions as detailed on this page prior to entering the event. By completing your purchase of entry we will accept that you are compliant with all T&Cs and that you have agreed to proceed with the understanding that these conditions will be adhered to. If you do not agree with any of the conditions detailed below then please do not proceed with your purchase as post-queries will not be accepted. You may however contact us if you have any queries about our conditions before you proceed with a purchase. Please contact us with any questions at Entries are strictly non-refundable. Upon purchase of entry we begin preparing on your behalf by ordering GPS tracker, coded wristband, technical tee and other goods. It is for this reason that we cannot offer a refund, in part or in full, if you decide to cancel. No exceptions will be made. Also note that transfers or deferments will not be allowed. Change of route is permitted up to 10 days before the event. A refund of difference from changing from Big Dog to Little Dog will not be given. A fee of £10 may be charged for changing events. No changes will be permitted in the week leading up to the event. Participants must accept that in the event of extreme weather, safety issues or any other events that directly affect the welfare of participants that the event schedule may be altered or postponed to prevent risk to participants and staff of the event. Decisions will be made by the event safety officer in congress with local authorities and event partners to issue a final decision. Participant welfare is paramount and will be the deciding factor. In the event of postponement a rescheduled date will be arranged. All entries will be transferred automatically to the new date and no refunds will be given to participants.

02 On the day

All riders must sign our indemnity form in order to take part in the event. A copy of the form is available to view below. Official parking spaces are provided at Belcoo O’Rahillys GFC on a first come-first served basis and can accommodate up to 200 vehicles. Please note that we and the GFC are not responsible for damage or theft of your vehicle and you park at your own risk. All entrants must be prepared to participate in the event by having all required kit as detailed on our website. Missing required kit may disqualify you from proceeding from the start line and no refund will be given either in part or in full. In order to participate in this event please ensure you are of reasonable fitness and as best prepared physically and mentally. This is a demanding course and will require stamina, strength and positive mindfulness to complete. Participants must inform us of any issues we should be aware of that may carry a risk to your health and safety by participating in the event. We cannot accept responsibility of any issues that may arise due to ill-health occurring due to your participation in the event. Participants must be present at the start line to take part in the safety briefing. Times can be found on the website. Absence from the briefing will disqualify you from the event. GPS tracker must be carried at all times during the event. The small lightweight device will be placed in the back-middle pocket of your cycling jersey. All participants should heed safety advice given on the website. Any actions by you deemed unsafe during your participation, either endangering yourself or other riders, will disqualify you immediately from continuing with the event. Instructions from marshals and event staff must be adhered to at all times. Failing to do so will disqualify you immediately from continuing with the event. Participants must be respectful of other riders while cycling the route. Use rules of the road throughout, stay left at 2-way sectors (sign-posted) and proceed with caution at exits and entrances of each forest section. For your own safety always comply with marshal instructions at these junctions. Some sectors include public access such as public parking at forests. Be aware of vehicles or pedestrians in these areas. Although highly unlikely, you may also come across hikers, walkers, vehicles or unexpected hazards. Be vigilant at all times to keep yourself and others out of harm. In the event of coming across a participant who is in need of medical assistance you are required to stop and assist the participant. Contact event control to arrange medical help before continuing on the course. If you believe that the participant should not be left alone please stay until the rapid response medic arrives. All participants must respect the environs. Do not drop litter or damage the course in any way. Also respect local residents and properties at the village of Belcoo both before setting off and on return. Be aware that the 3k road used for rolling start and neutral finish will be open to traffic. Participants of the Little Dog 50k Challenge will not have cut-off times applied. We anticipate all riders to complete the course within an acceptable time. Participants of the Big Dog 100k Challenge will have one cut-off time applied. This will be at the first visit at Big Dog Station. The cut-off time will be 1.30pm. This gives riders 3h 30m to cycle approx. 42k from the rolling start at 10am. Whilst most riders will pass through the cut-off point within 2h – 2h 30m we feel that a cut-off must be applied to those who do not reach it within 3h 30m for safety reasons, as continuing on the full route at that rate would result in the rider cycling in the dark and unable to see waymarked signs (sunset 18:44). Cut-off will be applied without any exceptions. Riders who do not make the cut-off can continue on the Little Dog route back to the finish line. This will mean you are still competing but re-classed into a ‘Mongrel’ course of around 60k overall and you will still receive a medal at the finish.

03 Post Event

By entering the event all participants accept that official photography and videography may produce images of participants taking part in the event and that these images may be used by the event organisers for promotional or press purposes.

04 Personal Indemnity Waiver

In consideration of the acceptance of my application for entry, I hereby freely agree to make the following contractual representations and agreements: • I fully realize the risks and dangers of participating in this event and fully assume the risk associated with such participation, including but not limited to the following dangers; exhaustion, collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other participants and fixed or moving objects, sliding down hills, falling rocks, dangers arising from other surface hazards, equipment failure, weather conditions, animals, the possibility of physical and or mental trauma and injury including death. • I fully understand the dangers of participating in this event and I understand that there are more hazards than are itemised here, and that there are unknown and unforeseeable hazards. I engage in the event with knowledge of the inherent risks of injury. • I agree to abide by the rules and conditions laid down for the event and to follow instructions issued by the organisers’ officials. I understand that circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may cause the event to be modified, postponed or relocated. I fully understand that my entry fee will not be refunded and a transfer to the new date is the only option. If the event is cancelled without a new date I also understand that my event fee is non refundable. • I accept that the organisers reserve the right to refuse entry from persons considered to have insufficient experience or disqualify those who fail to follow the rules and conditions. • I confirm that the details entered by me on my entry form are true. • I, for myself and my heirs and executors, hereby waive, release and forever discharge Primal Challenges, their agents and representatives, sponsors, any and all volunteers assisting in race production, from all injuries, ailments or other consequences suffered by me in the race caused by my negligence, and I agree to hold them harmless for all claims, damages, losses, judgments, and costs of whatever nature and form arising as a result of my participation in the event and hereby agree and undertake to indemnify them accordingly. • I understand that the entry fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable. • I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the above parties to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings or any other record of this event for the purpose of promotion or used in press, publications or online. • I understand the risks involved in this event and I have carefully read, understand and voluntarily accept the terms of this waiver and release agreement. 2022 Lakelander Gravel Grinder Date: 7th/8th October 2022

05 Privacy Policy

Participants personal details are not shared or disclosed by us to any third parties. Participants email addresses may be used to send a monthly update or event news about Primal Challenges. Recipients can request to be removed from the mailing list by emailing Primal Challenges will hold participants medical details (as entered on Si Entries at entry point) and will have them at the race as part of our safety plan to keep participants safe and looked after in the event of an emergency. These will be destroyed after the race has taken place. Primal Challenges does not handle or receive participants payment details. All event entries are made online via the Si Entries website. All event entry information and participants personal details are supplied by Si Entries to Primal Challenges. This is the Privacy Policy of Si Entries, taken from their website; To be able to use Si Entries we have to ask for and store some basic personal information about you. By using our online system to enter an event or join a membership you consent to the collection and use of this data in the manner described.

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